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18-04-23 05:53:53
coolwater: Hmu I try to keep some items for new people check my mp or message me.
13 hours ago

-kiyoya-: 3 days ago have ghost here name who you..what mean who you??
14 days ago

-bird-: -read-too silent-read-
17 days ago

fisch1975: @ashuraxii: XD
19 days ago

ashuraxii: This chat like place library because too silent -read-
21 days ago

kiyoya: Hello world hello everyone hello all
31 days ago

-chojthude-: Hello world!
31 days ago

michelleviolet: Hello newcomers! -cheers-
34 days ago

spiritskyline298: Hi everyone!!! :)
35 days ago

this: Hello
35 days ago

spiritskyline298: hi everyone :(
36 days ago

argos: Maybe. I never had a doomslinger.
39 days ago

fireleader: If i use jewel dex iv can i use my doomslinger? My dex is 300 without weapon
42 days ago

argos: They are only available on gaia pvp
43 days ago

fireleader: When lake spirit will appear at breeder?
43 days ago

argos: I dont just a newbie...try to ask a moderator
50 days ago

fireleader: How to puchase credit?
I try using mobiamo payment but error
Can someone give me solution?
I am use chrome browse
52 days ago

alcatrazzz: Oh ok.
90 days ago

punchingbag23: Yaaaaay! Im in a clan! -beer-
100 days ago

x-nevanz-x: Lol
103 days ago

mustorador: Luck nut
127 days ago

tripleh: Heyy
137 days ago

moetheman: oh well gn bb
141 days ago

moetheman: Man I need 81 armor jewels I to make amor jewel v
141 days ago

silent_blue: time 2 sleep
141 days ago

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