Chat » Newbies (change)
18-10-20 06:32:09
-ghostlykillerz-: No Racism Everyone.... Be careful what you say in a chat
14 days ago

twister94: You guys are getting bqnned for sure.
19 days ago

beep10: @fisch1975: racist ;D
66 days ago

naga_siren: Hiatus
106 days ago

-vimper-: Lol
107 days ago

chimmug--: -lol-
109 days ago

nightshadows: @royal_pain: so are you -taunt-
112 days ago

royal_pain: Forest Defenders are noobs -rofl-
112 days ago

fisch1975: @soulshadow: section's name says yes. :';D
123 days ago

soulshadow: Did Newbie should chat here??
128 days ago

-rt1-: Hi
129 days ago

registerr: -scare-
134 days ago

snowy_raptor: :P
142 days ago

registerr: I can do that-rofl-
157 days ago

-_deadshot_-: You cant
166 days ago

ma_ul: How to craft hell hydra ms from 3x chaos hydra ms?
166 days ago

registerr: -lol-Everyone is newbie too-rofl-me newbie too :S
167 days ago

-fubu-: I'm new also here
168 days ago

supreme_human: I'm newbie too.
168 days ago

smk: hi all Im new here play this game
168 days ago

coolwater: Hmu I try to keep some items for new people check my mp or message me.
180 days ago

-kiyoya-: 3 days ago have ghost here name who you..what mean who you??
194 days ago

-bird-: -read-too silent-read-
197 days ago

fisch1975: @ashuraxii: XD
199 days ago

ashuraxii: This chat like place library because too silent -read-
201 days ago