Chat » Newbies (change)
24-06-23 12:31:42
streamergurl: level 1-60 in 24 hour ❤️
61 days ago

3d-snake: Greetings
100 days ago

felipexcharls: hi
107 days ago

reloader: how to play this
147 days ago

charlie1993: Hi im newbie here hahahaha
256 days ago

3d-snake: Undeadifies
259 days ago

nakko: frrrr
328 days ago

ghostkiller22: it dead here
331 days ago

ghostkiller22: dang
331 days ago

dood439: hehe
336 days ago

ayang: Njir sekarang clan job gak laku, dulu rebutan wkwk
374 days ago

-romaneeconti-: Desu
387 days ago

-timeless-: I'm campaigning for mp and trade at pvp server. Please help support. It helps people who can't buy credits and helps make it so other class items and stuff we get are usable by friends and clannies. Or saleable !
392 days ago

dood439: How I be big boy?😂😂😂
427 days ago

-moonlight-: How to be a newbie;D
428 days ago

mast3r: Guys how to open chat?
430 days ago

dood439: you dont
430 days ago

dood439: @tarnished: lol
437 days ago

tarnished: Guys how do i attack?
437 days ago

dood439: guys this chat is dead ok lets keep it that way
443 days ago

nakko: Do i still qualify as a newbie? I've only been here a few days
444 days ago

superfireluigi1: Hello
447 days ago

dood439: @sandakan: never
485 days ago

sandakan: Die chat
506 days ago

dood439: cool
509 days ago