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illusionz: Bear in mind, your ideas are for a NEW GAME. Ideas should be about that game.
15-01-26 22:37
teekaythebeast: How's about battle arena level restrictions meaning somebody level 20 can only fight a person level 15 to 30 just so It keeps things fair for the newbies and how's about jobs like a character can choose a type of job they want to be and level up their jobs the more they craft things For example , Blacksmith , artisan , alchemist, merchant etc
15-01-26 21:08
clockwork: we have many ideas like set effect for items, fusing pet, upgrading class, passive skills, and clan war but look first the common problem here like trading 3 items for better 1, selling 20stampots as one for 5c, entering b.a to buy pet or go home but died and lastly listen to our words hehe sori im ticking again
15-01-25 19:45
100yearswar: Refining item using ore limit it 0/20. Add damage for weapon and armour for gears.

Blue print for accurate crafting ex. Blue print of helm+ore(level1)+ore(level3)=helm.
15-01-25 19:22
teekaythebeast: And some other things we need are:

1) New clan system

Which enclude clan ranks

2)More dungeons

Dungeons should be available for any level from 30 up

3) A Party/Raid mode

Players may be in a party up to 4 members and raids may include 3 parties of 4 players with exp share

4) Clan wars (if possible)

Clans could clash at an arena souly for clan pvp (only clans that accept the war will be displayed on the map)

5) Pet fusion system ( if possible)

Players can fuse their pets(of the same kind) for 250 Credits and maybe attach armour on them

These are my ideas for heraldon hope u like It :)
15-01-24 20:34
teekaythebeast: How's about level quest, any level player can find a npc around the world and do quest such as , killing 10 rats and collect their tails for the grand wizards potion for example or how's about a upgrade system such as a knight may upgrade into a holy knight at 50th or 80th level and so on
15-01-24 20:22
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