Off-topic » Black ops
nipz: Anyone here play?
11-04-28 06:31
smash: i think modern warfare 2 is better
11-04-28 19:47
nipz: I've never played that one. We had it, but r3d didn't like it, so we took it back and got black ops. I suck so bad at that game. Lmao
11-04-29 05:25
smash: :P
11-04-29 05:25
smash: i have lol its better then black ops becuz i rock at online on it and suck at online in black ops
11-04-29 05:26
nipz: Lmao. I haven't been brave enough to play it online. Don't wanna hear the people talk about how bad I suck.
11-04-29 05:29
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