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-uki-: Ex: Critical shoot = (base damage - weapon's damage) + (weapon's damage x3)
14-08-14 17:43
-uki-: [balanced] make the critical shot, not tripled total of damage but the weapon's damage.
And Give dex and wis stat bonus using this formula 5% + (lv/5)%

[gears] add lv80 set class equipments and lv100 weapon(s)
14-08-14 16:59
kolos: amazon cant use shield with shoots,so what is the problem? Still their physical damage can pass to barbarian and necro's damage. Imagine their strength and power when they ll get a gud L80 gears like barbarian and necro. It will be all over for other classes. So dont gv any thing to amazon. Keep their armor and health low.
14-08-14 16:30
_rogue_: lvl 80 legen class gear is obviously missing and also while other class can use 16 runes amazons can only use 14 runes.
To be fair.. just becoz amazons can shoot bonus after equiping a bow does it means its givin all the disadvantages?
Take off the bows and do u see any special ability of amazons.. no!!
yes low armor, low damage and inability to use shield comes wit using bows.. but why should amazons also b deprived of rune usage which makes amazons have lower stats.
For those saying amazons r overpowered try using one
14-08-14 03:19
rass: Amazon hv no L80 gearset, thats why they hv less armor and hp than other class. But its fair bcoz their damage range is very high. So dont gv them any gud armor gear.
14-08-13 21:14
ngising: Change the requirement for pride spell..50 wisdom..bcause 100 wisdom is only 10%..ok,thats amazon have 300% shot bonus,but can't wear shield if use a bow..look at barb spell whirlwind,200% critical..and look other class,vigor,wraithstrike the spell its increase damage and dexterity..but not 100 wisdom to learn it..and dont forget new legend gear for amazon ,u say the previous round for adding but not..
14-08-09 13:15
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