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cash_spell: new spell for druid
Name : Wizard Master
Efek : Impro all spell damage 200% and give status ingore resistand target 50% for 3 turn
MP : 350
Elemental : Air 100%
Req : Druid lvl 60, wisdom 300
15-08-28 15:35
-vendetta-: add legend books for weapon or a shield, or legend orbs for a weapon with high wisdom and other stats.

Requirements: wisdom 1000 or up
15-06-10 16:59
mystina: newly improve weakness spell!

cast weakness and those damage deduction of monster/player became his/her druids magic increase in the magic damage spell in next 2 round of 1 battle/attack. or create another weakness like spell with that kind of effect...

i believe it's the only way to improve those low magic damage issues in druid's part. while every class have spell boosts like frenzy, pride etc. why not druid have one? not on dexterity increasing or anything like defense increasing since magic users are really low on defense and easy-to-hit type class. but more on magic damage spell boost!

thank you sir dreamer! i support magic class in all of online games i join before i got stuck in your game :) that is all sir -good2-
15-06-06 15:10
_deadlok_: endurance should be lower to equip on class gears...the requirements are too high in some items
15-03-09 23:17
_peli-jaran_: increase dex for druid
15-01-25 05:22
loir: Druids badly need a non elemental spell. Well any way to compete damage wise. Adding a 100% crit rate to all druids spells would still not allow them to match other classes. Paladins aswell. Even barbs can hit really hard. Even a damage reduction ability that can absorb damage in good enough ammounts to allow thier small damage to win the battle if played right.
15-01-03 05:43
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