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-bound-: Lol medieval stolen my idea -rofl-
14-10-27 15:56
medieval: Make a new credits service : "no PvP mode" it cost 10C/days
14-10-24 16:15
raditz: glazes flag capture idea sounds pretty cool
14-10-20 01:30
-bound-: Add new service in credit service "No PvP" it cost 50c/weeks if you using it someone can't attacking you and can't stole your items. I hope it helpfull recipe hunters. Thank's.

Regards, -bound-
14-10-18 06:32
h3robrin3: there should be a potion that cost credits and let you be prtected from players attacking you.But it last 1h to or6h
14-10-12 18:45
anakpetani: New item talisman[No pvp+double exp+energy mode]
14-10-08 03:08
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