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up2me2: How to put mode duel on/off at mean of game still continusly that fun,do job,go hunt and point pvp gain by fair rules instead.... So if wanna be best pvp challange by fair ways to gain higher point. So no more like mosquitos whos stung then go,considering there best rank player best pet, best most kill monster and offcourse best pvp that be rewarded.

..some learn educated games is make friend neither foe...
15-09-14 13:35
judal: Remove clan boost effect from pvp, that will help newbie player or other player who don't have good clan.
15-03-25 13:19
shotaro_nogami: Pvp disable except on the battle arena
15-02-10 14:54
steven_richards: please disable pvp in s2
15-01-02 21:33
raditz: nope sorry you really dont always see them coming. You have to stay prepared at all times. Dont let your health drop too low and try and have the best general spell set i ln place. basicly the one that gives you the best chance of dealing highest damage.

i play order and chaos and its real time huge maps like WoW and you stroll into a pvp zone you can virtually garentee you wont see a player til its too late. If you do however good :) pound him befor he pounds you haha. oh and im an assassin so trust me you wont ever see me out of stealth in a pvp zone unless i wanna kill someone
14-12-11 04:40
stumpy: a warning that you are about to be attack'd so you can do something it in real life you would see them coming ps yes i know its only a game
14-12-10 21:23
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