[Gaia PvP #102] The REAL Death Angels Round!
Los jou terugvoering!
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-beruuu-: u should add chests at quests for powders and dragon items. Also add trade with limit, 5 per player per day. nice round tho
24-02-22 02:29
-head_shot-: Just for this round we needed a 10 star rating bar sir ;D superb round 👌 👏
24-02-05 12:55
uoti: The EXP this time is better than last time. EXP should not be decreased in any way as it affects unlocking features like the level 50 quest in time.
Also Quests are the future so thats good. The only issue is the drop rate which is not consistant for the % percentage.
Increase Quest Drop Rates as player like to do what the NPC tells them to do.
24-02-05 07:36
70percent: Nice update
24-02-04 22:44
avada_kadavra: Pls increase ancient potion drop rate!!!
24-02-04 14:40
lost_memory: 🔥🔥🔥nice dreamer 🔥🔥🔥 thanks for updates
24-02-04 06:55
bladsy: 1/3
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