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[Gaia PvP #102] The REAL Death Angels Round!
2024-02-03 17:00:00
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The new round is almost here and it has some nice updates!

* 4 Elemental Dragons!
Each dragon rewards gives a new exclusive scroll for Top-3 damage dealers.
The scroll gives +80% magic protection & +2500 Dexterity (the highest in the game).

* A complete Death Angels round experience!
You may switch the class bonus whenever you want and use any strategy you can think of.

* A total of 50 Quests!
Yes, this is correct - FIFTY quests will be here during this round.
The rewards include skill points, gems, runes, pieced items, legendary recipes, elixirs, jewels & charms!
Hint: most of the quests require titled scrolls and/or items which are received as drops but cannot be purchased in towns.

* Top-10 Pet owners will receive an exclusive pet: Elementalis!
- Health: 750k (the highest for any pet)
- Wisdom boost/level: +1% (the highest for any pet)

* x6 Credits sale lasting for a week!
Please note that you will receive x5 Honor as compared with before. This is related to the upcoming changes in the Rewards system & Gaia #1.

* The Royal Diablo will be rewarded to the Top damage dealer to the new dragons.
The Diablo will be rewarded to the highest-ranked player in the global ranking.

* Updated Rewards!
Honor rewards were drastically increased (more than x3 times). However, no more Charms and Epic/Rare Powders since it can all be purchased later at Honor shop.
Credit rewards are given to Top-100 players as well.
You may learn more here.

* Battle engines update:
- The minimum chance to miss a physical hit was decreased
- The minimum chance to miss & make a magical hit was increased

* Required level for Pieced & Legendary items is reduced by 25 (was by 10 & 20).

* Elixir/Jewel/Charm requirements are ignored if these items are not enabled yet.
Since these are potential rewards from Quests, it means that you would be able to use them as early as you get them.
This might give a big strategic advantage if used correctly.

* Items have only Level requirement - all other requirements have been removed for the PvP round.

* Breeder will offer ALL Pets available!
Only Viy is excluded since it requires a Diablo class.

* Events chat shows in which map the quest was completed as well.

* Maps in Teleport are listed by level again.

* More Rank 10 units spawning.

* Increased Experience rate.

* Marketplace daily purchases limit increased to 25 (was 10).
The sales limit remains the same (25).

* Enemy ranks remain hidden.

* Map level requirement reducement was removed (was 10).

* Drop rates of Jewels/Charms/Recipes were considerably increased.

* Minor bug fixes (such as sometimes missing Gelare's Ring drop).

* New Arena & PvP Tourney seasons (until February 29th).

Please note that the updated Rewards will be released tomorrow. A total of 100 Top players will be rewarded since there will be no class rankings this time.

Apologies for the delay since the focus was mostly on the new Quests.

Good luck to all the participants!