[Gaia #1] Honor Shop Update!
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twinfiend: stop crying indo
24-02-23 03:05
felipexcharls: bring back deconstruct in g1
24-02-19 12:57
jeanny-de-archie: This round really shit for drop recipe
24-02-16 16:55
-p41n-: at least i will give 5 star
24-02-13 18:03
denyutjantung: I give you 5 stars for good update.
For those who cant get exclusive gear at gpvp this is another way to have them now..
For those who always participate and have enough honor to have exclusive this is your chance now..
24-02-12 05:25
mast3r: There you go..
As i expected.. exclusive wont be exclusive anymore
24-02-12 03:52
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