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-timeless-: Fix our vault !!!! And, return our trade. Many of us can't afford to pass our high ticket items to our chrs. Please stop punishment to everyone for a few. Get a few new mods to look into stuff for you if you don't have time.
24-02-29 23:50
denyutjantung: Bring back gear drop in pvp. Gpvp suppose to be hardcore pvp. Decrease experience lvl down if the player 0% experience.when they defeated in pvp.. remove hunt mob.. bot can abuse respawning hunt mob.. players can respawning by themselves to lvl up.
24-02-29 14:25
-trixter-: 1. 50 quests is good, just add chests so that we can get powders and dragon items.

2. Lower mana costs for spells.

3. Learning spells require golds. Leads to enabling gold trading.

4. Bring back trade. But, do it as npc, every trade has a fee of 50c and each player should at least trade 5 times a day.

6. Remove marketplace tax, and enable the buy now button. Lower the Chances of MP trades.

7. Nerf Amazons

8. Buff Barb, Pally and Druid

9. Increase charm and specially Recipes

10. Take care and maintain the fairness of the game.
24-02-29 06:43
mystic_paladin: 1. Perfect round with 50 quests again, last round is great. Also we don't need event mob, just make the quest give powder and dragon item.
2. Make dragon scroll as reward from PvP, or make the price for dragon scroll cheaper, 25k honor for Level 1 dragon scroll is to expensive.
Let say i do 10 x purchase and i get 10x Azure i, then I craft it to level iii, is that scroll worth as 225k honor? Of course not,people only buy it around 50k -100 K Credits.
3. I think remove fresh spawn is good, because sometime i cant hit the mob when somebody hunting there, especially on small area which only have 4 - 3 Monster.
4.Enable rune class drop
24-02-29 06:34
r0xieee: low mana cost of spells
24-02-28 21:59
peti: Double increase hp mp given
24-02-28 14:44
bladsy: 1/4
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