[Gaia PvP #103] Another Death Angels Round!
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gta_liberty_city: Open Aurora in gpvp. And mob event drop chest, because u give us recipe The lich eye(rare) in quest but is useless no have dragon crest to craft that recipe.
24-03-25 02:17
bokyo2: No MP in next event, it is used by multi-account players to make their other accounts have smooth sailing in the game which is what u call cheating...

U need to do something about multi-account players otherwise this game will become a cheating game...

Oh, I forgot that this game is already a cheating game since u allowed it to be so...

I like to play this game w/o the cheating part... This is just a game yet many r cheating here to be strong as they say but I don't see it as strength, it's weakness... So there r lots of weaklings who have high lvl accounts here... W/o the cheating they r just weaklings...

Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan may bukol...
24-03-23 19:16
-frieren: @143_iloveyoufake at least use your main if want make a drama dude
24-03-23 02:34
143_iloveyoufake: 13.frieren [105]
14-fern [104]
2 k0b4 [110]
7.-uxp- 106
Same person greedy to reward
24-03-22 23:06
defeated12345: Please fix this it's becoming more and more an issue soon u have to give only top 10 rewards due to this greedy people look at this player 4 accounts and all top 50
AVATAR The Legends Of Zelda
Points: 351
Castles occupied: 0
Members (4/25):Active: 4/4 (100%)

fire_s (Level 94) Today

water_s (Level 91) Today

wind_s (Level 85) Today

earth_s (Level 81) Today

And yet another multiloger

Owner: tb2
Current bid: 300 (tb1)
Deadline: 2024-03-18 22:34:58
Same person uses alt to outbid people marker suspend deul character at pvp
24-03-18 22:34
uoti: Pay no attention to @goatis. The Marketplace is fine. Like Bryson.. @goatis clearly wants items from quests to be removed to suit only themselves. They dont want to include everyone by making quests difficult and not rewarding. Don't listen to them. They want exclusive than inclusive items that only they can have. That is selfish.
Still Testing the EXP and 50 Quest slow internet compatibility
24-03-10 21:43
bladsy: 1/4
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