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[Gaia PvP #103] Another Death Angels Round!
2024-02-29 19:30:00
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Let's continue the Death Angels round theme as it seems to be working.

* 4 Elemental Dragons!
Each dragon rewards gives a new exclusive scroll for Top-3 damage dealers.
The scroll gives +80% magic protection & +3500 Strength (the highest in the game).

* A complete Death Angels round experience!

* A totally new set of 50 Quests!
There are multiple adjustments but overall it worked out great and the difficulty seemed to be reasonable as well.

* Top-10 Pet owners will receive an exclusive pet: Elementalis!
- Health: 750k (the highest for any pet)
- Wisdom boost/level: +1% (the highest for any pet)
Please note that this is likely the last chance to get this pet.

* x7 Credits sale lasting for a week!

* The Royal Diablo will be rewarded to the Top damage dealer to the new dragons.
The Diablo will be rewarded to the highest-ranked player in the global ranking.

* Some adjustments to class bonuses:
- Assassin has slightly lower Strength bonus
- Amazon has slightly lower Dexterity bonus
This is to encourage more balanced choices.

* Units spawn timer removed.
Since the ranks are hidden, it is serving no real purpose.

* To make it more challenging, the random units modifiers are higher (no more nerfing too).
This will lead to even higher experience gains.

* Map level requirements reduced by 10 levels (was 0).

* Experience rate increased TWICE.

* Recipes drop rate increased TWICE and Charms drop rate increased by 33%.

* Inventory size increased to 250 (was 100).

* Class runes can drop.

* Slightly decreased mana cost of spells.

* Slightly increased drop rate of Ancient Potion.

* Dragons ranking no longer gives Random Exclusives (Lv.140) and instead you get way more Honor.
Ideally, the Dragons scrolls should be the main motivation in this hunt.
Nevertheless, a total of 25 best Hunters are rewarded now (was 10 only). This might provide a chance for more players to test their strength.

* No PvP battles in Ancient Battle Arena.

* Dragon Reaper is way cheaper.

* Dungeon difficulty slightly increased.

* New Arena & PvP Tourney seasons.

Good luck & have fun!