[Gaia PvP #60] New Round
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thunderstroke: Drop rate sucks!
20-07-03 08:50
shibasaki_roka: Random was pretty much horrible last round(especially elixir and jewels)... Hope not this round too

Ty for putting pieces on day 3
20-06-25 13:59
--courechouse--: very lag
20-06-25 06:03
-kill_all-: reward exclusive gear(royal dragon, camazots and pyromancer)
20-06-25 03:41
-_tenchu----: Great
20-06-25 00:02
tsugumi: Hmm...what's the stats of hunt mob? If you plan to make hunt mobs insanely powerful, pls make it spawn after charm day coz if we can't kill it the maps will be full of them again and we won't be able to hunt(this has been an evident problem with the last 2 servers)
20-06-24 21:58
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