[Gaia PvP #60] New Round
2020-06-24 19:39:34
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Gaia #60 is here!

Late congratulations to 3p6kaiv (b3achc0m3r) & ren_voza (uncrowned_diablo) for winning the last round!

* Platinum Dragon!
The winner get a magic scroll (+1250 strength, +750 dexterity, +1000 armor) & exclusive Platinum Ring (+1250 strength, +750 dexterity, +1000 armor).

* Fire Drake Hunt!
Each kill gives +25 credits, a Treasure chest & Yggdrasil Seed.
Top-10 will get a magic scroll (+600 strength, +400 dexterity, +500 armor).

* Quests will give +3 Skill Points as a reward (was +1).

* Legendary gear requirements are reduced by 40 levels (was 30).

* A slightly boosted experience rate.

* Extra gear sets will be working in PvP round only (if you notice any problems, please report immediately).

* New Arena & PvP Seasons during the round.

Please note that Level 140 recipes will be finalized in the nearest days and given to the winners from the previous rounds.

More fixes & updates to come throughout the round. Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.: If there are any important problems/cases that were not resolved in the past weeks, please contact again at - thank you!