[Gaia PvP #66] Frost Giant & Frozen Wisps!
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funny_bone: Wisdom stats for frost giant should be increased because it should be better that frozen wisp...
21-01-19 19:12
yu_zhong: U need to increase drop rate of titled ms,coz very hard to get it now :(
21-01-03 09:45
x-yabai: Please make the drop rate of titled ms higher so hard to get it... Yesterday... 1k kills.. 1 ace mob and 2 titled ms... + the annoying 50wins anti bot:(
21-01-03 03:36
-shotgun-: Its an great round, but pls pls pls change the anti bot from 50 wins to atleast 250 wins cuz its anoying so fast
21-01-02 16:44
leriq: Limits pvp attack its good but why players have to lost items if get killed ?
21-01-02 11:29
21-01-01 23:42
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