[Gaia PvP #70] Suggestions Needed!
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montera: kindly remove the gear lock here at gpvp, we are here for limited time so waiting 24 hours to trade or to sell our items is a bit hassle, thank you ❤️
21-05-01 22:07
aldreich: Please make g1 to a pvp round for pets and first things first please reset the lvls of the pets 🤣 and also we can increase our pets health and mana to avoid it from dying. And also there should be a duel on an arena between pets and the more wins they got should be at the top and got exclusive rewards probably equipment for pets. And the duel arena rankings should be based on what rarity of pets they got. To make it fair there should be different rankings between normal pets better pets and the best pets.
21-05-01 03:16
-shotgun-: We need something new in g1, dungeon is just to hunt tokens and nothing else here in g1, better remove that one from g1 and keep in gpvp and find something new in g1

Some kind of dragon hunt in g1.. for example every day at 18:00 there Spawns a dragon with like 10 Bilion HP and we kill it.. every day it spawns and it ends in 7 days or 14 days.. who has most overall damage wins.. do this with same mechanic like challange.. masters league, champions league, warriors league and after every hit u have 15 seconds cooldown :D hope it sounds cool
21-04-30 16:29
ren_voza: Create a new server- let me move out of g1. I'll even agree to resetting my stats and losing royal chr :F
21-04-30 15:38
malesin: Anti bot for every 100 wins
21-04-30 15:17
the_jockers: no delayed start pls 😕
21-04-30 14:54
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