[Gaia PvP #71] Round is OVER!
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kisses_: What's next?
21-07-02 16:38
floridaboy: For good drop rates ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
21-07-02 08:17
-timeless-: credits should be same everywhere with no charge for transfer. Also, since no title items drop i would like to see more title ms drop since you took away our regular ms and we can't scroll for items. Terrible update btw. So more title ms drops than magic scroll of dexterity lll as example.

Also, rewards have progressively gotten worse. I received an lvl 140 epic recipe for my random prize for assassin rank 3. Epic? Really dreamer? It should of been heroic in my opinion. Also, top 3 in classes should receive charms V , not lll.
21-06-29 21:00
sandakan: 😊😊
21-06-27 15:51
hado91: Good tyvm Dreamer
21-06-24 02:59
lilytoon: Drop rate ms is good enough , also Dungeon difficult is good bcs we can focus farm in open map if you make ilt easier again many player only spend all time in dungeon , like round #70 i spend amost 4-9 hours to clear 2x daily but idk its depend you Sir dreamerand other player suggestion . lastly reward more divine yggdrasil seed instead more charms .
Thanks you long live BD

21-06-22 18:10
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