[Gaia PvP #71] Round is OVER!
2021-06-19 14:31:41
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Hi there!

The Persian themed round is over!

This round's new Royal Diablo is -p41n- (-oppai_dragon-). Congratulations!

Dragons hunt was dominated by -oppai_dragon-. The winners of the Hadhayosh's challenge are: -oppai_dragon-, blood_soaked & ariana_grande.

The amount of rewarded Charms was greatly increased and given for all rankings (including Hunt, Pets, Supporters, Dungeon too).

Please note that you may transfer the rewarded Powders & Charms between your PvP char & the main char using Vault - this is the only way.

Here is the final Top-10:
#1. ariana_grande
#2. -neytiri-
#3. jake_sully
#4. -welp-
#5. arya_stark
#6. -oppai_dragon-
#7. volkath_
#8. zonazon
#9. blood_soaked
#10. king_leonidas

Feedback/suggestions for the next round are welcome in the comments.

Thank you for playing the game & being the part of our journey!