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[Gaia PvP #75] Round is OVER!
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-soalagogo-: Make new event at gaia PVP like war clan .. or something like clan hunting mobs .. not clan job's to make more interesting at gaia pvp .. also bring back max HP to 1m .. and nerf a little bit of druid prof..
21-10-23 23:47
ultra_instinct: OMNI DEATH ANGEL
class upgrade from SDA. need to be lvl 150 to become one and also need to be top 1 on champions league challenge or defeat Omni Dragon.

with 3 classes same as diablo
21-10-23 08:38
soul_devil: Make charms sellable or trade able at pvp rounds
21-10-22 05:31
numb_: Overall this round 75 is very good, maybe just need add something like auto craft ms scroll, yeah coz ms still manual to make from i to v.maybe just that ty.
Long live bd -paladin-
21-10-22 05:05
rast: Make spell prot 87% and replace jewel I, ii, and iii in quest with jewel v and ulti jewels. Let druid hit atleast 2times every attack most of the time else they'll become weak for dragon hunt being able to hit 3times makes them op
21-10-21 08:46
21-10-21 07:39
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