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[Gaia PvP #76] Round Is OVER!
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alucard_: Everything was alright the only 2 things that bothered me were dungeon drops and quest item drop rate
21-11-24 13:58
honest_star: 1.add new land-cloud temple V.Little bit high chance to spawn lightning giant and moderate % chance spawn lord of thunder.Base what I experience when farm at cloud temple iv.lightning giant % chance spawn too low.making me hard to spawn it.
2.remove or lower one of prot.spell on lightning giant.i think 75% prot.spell take my daily win 100 and below.(with full supreme wisdom jewel+ 3xlightning bolt master).
3.Yes I agreed with dungeon new update.it balance to me.just 1 think need to adjust.at higher floor lvl ect.floor 250 stop giving jewel I or give more % drop on lvl100 gear at least.tried to reach at floor 500 and got elven boot mythic.Maybe give more % lv100+ drop chance at higher floor.
4.maybe other player think that druid are op but to me it fair and square.think it like this.barb or physical damage dealer have good at pvp and 1hit mobs at high land.as a druid it slow at farming and not good at pvp with no str boost.magic damage are minus base %prot.spell,but physical damage minus base on high dex/miss/armor.since armor is not using %.even in dragon hunt per hit barb can reach 50k damage(whirlwind).as druid 5~10k per hit magic spell.
5.If next gpvp round deconstructed disable,make it paid service as normal.enable it but paid not free anymore.just my suggestion no need to take it seriously.
6.some update recently I agreed to reduce alt abuse.like lock gear and alike.
7.Add new magic scroll weapon slot that give wisdom.Like skull dragon ms it good for physical class.so make ms lv100 that give 250 wisdom on weapon/armor/shield/boot.Amulet and ring already have choice to choose fallen angel or fiery impress.maybe add new Ms choice for weapon slot.
8.Auto revive pet using credit,work same like auto heal using honor in g1.i think enable auto revive pet will save time for player when farming/dragon hunt/boss hunt.
21-11-23 14:41
holy1: Life Leech should take HP from opponent in pvp or from mob.... Just a suggestion

And please that Vlad The Impaler quest.... Is really a problem... Cos it really hurts having over 2k kills with no quest item and someone else getting over 2 quest items in less than 1k wins(not even kills)
21-11-22 19:21
ultra_instinct: Good game
21-11-22 13:19
ddragonoid: For daily quest choose difficulty easily medium and hard every difficult rewarded is different
21-11-22 12:49
mas_amir_s4: I think upgrade stat of Moroi's ms Will be good? -search-
21-11-22 12:32
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