[Gaia PvP #52] Round of Amazons!
2019-09-23 18:35:16
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Greetings everyone!

We begin an exclusive Amazon-only Gaia PvP. This gives a perfect opportunity to improve the uniqueness & balance of Amazons.

* New Boss: Toxic Hydra!
The highest damage dealer will be rewarded with exclusive best bow in the game. A unique scroll will be given too.

* Swamp Hydra Hunt!
Each win will give +25 credits & a Treasure Chest. Top-25 gets unique scrolls & Honor.

* Top-5 will get rewarded with an exclusive Quiver of Amazons (Level 135+).
Damage: +222
Armor: +555
Dexterity: +111
Endurance: +111
Wisdom: +55

* All Dragon/Boss hunters will share 50,000 Honor between them (split by the damage done).
Expect updates to the Honor Shop soon.

* Top-50 players will be rewarded (refer to Gaia PvP > Rewards for a complete list).
Top-1 player will get +5,000 Honor & +30,000 Credits.

* +7 Pieced Level 25 & Level 60 Gear.
More details with the stats will be added tomorrow. This includes pieced quivers too.

* Disabled maps level requirements (except Towns) to help with the crowded maps.

* Gnolls hollow (Level 2) added to extend the starting ground.

* Experience rates are more dynamic than ever before.
It goes from 100% xp until 5% gradually with 0.1% accuracy. The lowest 5% rate is reached at 2000 daily wins and doesn't go any lower.

* Quests & ability to turn on/off daily wins were disabled for this round.

* Increased drop rates of Titled scrolls, Recipes, Jewels & Charms.

* Marketplace, trades & lost gear in PvP are enabled back again.

Ideas/suggestions for improving Amazon class or making it more unique are very welcome.
Any changes would be made during the first days of the round & enabled during the server reset time so it would be fair for everyone.

Please note that new Challenge, Arena & PvP seasons are expected to start tomorrow too.

Have a good round!