[Gaia PvP #52] Round of Amazons!
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19-10-04 03:31
-fubu-: For me, I think it's better to raise the drop rate of amazon items from lvl 1-35 or more because there is no sense on picking up items from other class while there is only one class on this round. The other thing is about mobs, this round is clearly for dex type class exclusive for amazon therefore please do not turn dragons into wisdom type because dragon hunters might have a very hard time slaying all the dragons and other players again and again will lose the opportunity to attack these dragons resulting to long time of waiting for merge and players complaining in chat every time 😂😂😂
19-09-27 09:48
bowroyal: Here are some of the ideas for amazons

1.make bows deal 300% shot bonus thats what made amazons a unique class

2.amazons needs to have a little bit of wis boost no wisdom boost is little bit bad for them

3.liked the new pieced gears but how about a new legendary quiver at lvl 100 only moon quiver at 80 available and then its only dragonscale quiver or redwood quiver at lvl 120 no quiver in between and mostly in pvp rounds everyone will hit around 100-110 lvl and they surely need a new quiver at 100 if they are playing as an amazon

4.if ur making gear levels lowered then there is no dragon eye crest plate available and that makes no sense because without that we cant make high lvl gears how about they also drop from treasure chests available which will make hunts more interesting one will be able to reach 120 at pvp without quests so why not make lvl IV charms at lvl 110 and V charms at 120 which is pretty good for dragon hunters as amazons are damage dealers they need good charms for dragons and with 110 somecan reach there and make hunt interesting

6.amazons just have pride only as a spell for attacking same for assassins (wraithstrike) necro (soulbind) and classes like barb and pally has whirlwind master and prayer...i know its good to have spells like that for amazon that might deal 150% dam next time as barbs need to have this spell but somespell similar to amazons with deduced % may be good

7.why not make lands just for supermonsters like demon king undead hydra etc..which makes seperate lvl up lands as everyone now is concentrated only on fallen archangels

8.also many scrolls like almighty archangel mighty gorgon king etc..are only craftable by 3x lower scrolls how about make new mobs like mgk almighty archangel genie ruler and we can get direct scroll drops of their title rarely...

9.also there are giants titans and we cant hunt lot title and there is no mons called LOT why u create a land lvl 4 clouds temple and place lord of thunder and a lvl 4 land for a new mob for better title which also makes it interesting as after 90+ everyone lvl up at fallen archangel and its so crowded

10.make magic scrolls like demon king fallen archangel crafted up to II and II scrolls can be crafted up to lvl III as everyone needs III scrolls and getting II and with that we cant do nothing and also no one gonna buy them too as all need III scrolls if they are craftable every lvl scroll drops count and everyone will try to hunt them and sell it if not needed or use them if they want that

these are all ideas i have for now if i have more ill update it here ...thanks
19-09-25 04:22
bernie: This sucks!! Have you tried killing the gnolls as a level 1 Amazon right now? They're extremely hard!-mad- if I were some new player, I would've quit!

Please remove the -50% stamina during deaths:(
19-09-23 23:32
rust_dragon: Bad about removing quest and turn off wins daily :/

Also how bout recipes off amazons gears??
19-09-23 23:06
bandit-ban: why amazons why not necro? -think-
19-09-23 22:50
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