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erzoe: How about adding a dungeon that required some items to enter it ,like an helmet used to enter a cavern under the sea....

>and one more thing why a pet shop is inside a battle arena . . I think its a bad idea that we must go to B.A only to buy & heal/revived a pet.
15-05-08 17:13
katrine: stupid idea jessabelle honestly.
15-04-08 05:46
debo: i wanna try it ;)
15-04-04 10:19
alphawolf: strength= 0.5 min dmg 1.0 max dmg 0.3 armor 0.3 health per point in strength

dexterity = 1.0 accuracy 0.0.1 critical chance 0.1 evade per point in dex

agility = 1.0 evade 0.2 armor 0.1 accuracy 0.2 critical damage per point in agility

endurance= 1.5 health 0.2 armor
0.0.1 stamina per point in end

wisdom= 1.5 mana 0.1 spell effectiveness 0.1 magic resistance per point in wis

intelligence= 1.0 spell effectiveness 0.1 magic resistance
0.1 mana per point in int

luck=1.0% gold gained per kill
0.0.1% exp gained per kill 0.1 critical chance 0.0.5% chance item find per kill
0.1 accuracy
0.1 evade per point in luck

gain 3 attribute points per level

this is the ultimate attribute style for rpg based games its easier to balance the game this way and I also have detailed skill,race,class and crafting sheets ive put together for the perfect charcter progression build
15-02-12 22:41
-jessabelle-: 1.) Alliance/Clan

2.) Clan Wars
do this wars in 1 land. limit member can doing is 10 members. if not arrive pass time, the wars is begin.

3.) Credits Service
-frenzy mode
-energ mode
-merchant mode
-skill points
-Peace mode ( u cant doing clan wars if using this service )
-skill points
-become a Gnasher (upgrade ur class to Gnasher) req lvl 100

4.) Class
-warrior (paladin)
-grim reaper (necro)
-Gnasher req lvl 100
-Valhala (only can in s2) or this is same with diablo in blackdragon

4.) Spells
no many spell, just make many weapon.

5.) Monster
give more monster in this game. new monster is good to this game.

6.) Cooming soon:-)
15-01-28 01:49
kiler997: I also think dexterity-based hit system should be changed, split in 2 that is. Cuz no1 is rly sure when they are going to hit or get hit; I am a living example. With over 400 dexterity, I sometimes get hit by an efreet that has a bit more than 100 dexterity.. So, my solution would be splitting dexterity in two: agility and evasion (titles can be different). Agility would impact the hit chance in %, whereas evasion would be the chance to dodge an attack (also in %).
15-01-28 00:19
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