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nipz: You're one of those players that r3d can't stand. Lmao. Camper, noob tuber, and a shotgun user. Rotfl
11-04-29 06:29
smash: i kno i am beast at it. i like using the shotguns to at close range no1 can beat me unless thay have a tac knife
11-04-29 06:26
nipz: Lmao. Noob tubing is awesome
11-04-29 06:13
smash: lol thats they second best tactic. i do that then once they find out where i am i move and take out my scar or an assult rifle and noob tube evry1 till im out then i snipe again
11-04-29 06:10
nipz: He does. He's gotten into the habit of sniping everyone off. Lol
11-04-29 06:06
smashu: thats becuz u cant kill them lol. i kno the best spot ever in cod modern warfare 2 for campers but that doesnt help u much lol. and tell r3d to do it back to them
11-04-29 05:55
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