[Gaia PvP #104] The LAST Round of These Dragons!
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mri: Not good!
24-04-19 15:25
save_zone: Good update sir dreamer.. appreciate it🤜🤛
24-04-17 04:35
sezdoom: bring back p2w round
24-04-05 14:04
alipunga: For multi-account players in gpvp, give reward to his/her top account only... Take the other accounts out of ranking & don't give any reward...
24-04-04 15:43
_crusader_: Thanks for downgrading reward for after and after rounds. When will you focusing on G1?
24-04-01 13:07
uoti: ⚠ Map Quests are chance based. What happens to players on slow internet who cannot kill monsters faster on The Map Quest? Cancel this Map Quests that depend on chance.
⚠Home Page Quests are the breed and butter for majority. No Skill points with Random Rewards will weaken the Unlucky Players.
⚠Who are the Unlucky Players? They are the slow internet players who suffer per click a buffer delay of 5 seconds per action. Put that with a chance based quests and it is not compatible.
⚠Fast Internet Abuse the 5000 wins daily with multiple accounts making 5000 × 3 or 7 accounts because they have the speed to do it.
⚠ The App does not work ... shows only white screen. Playing from Phone browser eats up memory for outdated phone models.
⚠Downgrading Rewards is not good on this Chance Based Map Quests. Again... what happens if you are unlucky?
⚠I will not play this round. Its just to difficult and unrewarding at the same time. I will wait next round.
24-04-01 10:46
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