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the_death_dealer: Zombies records round 54 solo/round 31 4 player/round 72 split screen i dont play much anymore rofl
11-06-10 08:50
the_death_dealer: I hate campers peple acuse me of camping wat i do completly dif area control not campin and my main class//uzi supresor reflex/ballistic knive/tomahawk/nova gas/c4/scavenger/warlord/gas mask
11-06-10 08:46
muttleyaxe: Pretend your saving the world and run your arse off.
11-05-29 05:03
nipz: Zombie mode kinda freaks me out. Lol
11-05-29 02:13
prototype: BFBC2 > BO/MW2 . I have both and BFBC2 is the best IMO. But Zombie mode is fun with friends :)
11-05-05 00:40
smash: hah lol it works tho. lol i also use snipers and assulat rifles lol im good at everything on modern warfare 2 and black ops i just like modern warfare 2 better
11-04-29 06:33
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