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loli-1: Regarding the main concern of today's BD and my experience with said topic, i would like to suggest a few methods i think might reduce bot activity while at the same time not impacting regular users:

- Diminishing returns(drops, spawn rate and experience):
The more wins/kills a player has will directly impact their experience gain, drop rate for non-basic items (such as potions, jewels, runes... etc)
and possibly the spawn rate of aces/event monsters.

- Monster aggression:
The higher the number of total (kills/wins) a player has will directly impact the monsters' stats.
The monsters get angry for the deaths of their kind after all.

- Scaling costs:
Apply scaling costs for using the marketplace.
For instance, the more transactions a player performs within a specific time frame, the higher the fees or taxes they incur.

- A progression quest after x amount of kills:
Instead of a captcha which can be automated as well, this one is more of a human-like interaction while being fun & rewarding instead.
Every x kills(not wins), the ability to get experience, drops and spawn anything above rank 0 is paused, and a puzzle-like quest spawns, such as:
* Kill n monsters that use
* Kill n monsters of
* Use spell n times
The possibilities for this are endless and highly dependent on the way you have designed your structures.
After each quest, the player can be granted a reward, being experience, item or nothing
23-05-31 19:08
nekron: I agree with high-elf's idea. Implement crit blow to Dual wielded weapons only like how you implemented shot bonus to Amazon Weapons and Block to shields. 😁
23-05-31 10:14
high-elf: With shields having the block feature, make critical hits exclusive to dual wield
23-05-31 01:57
23-05-28 21:58
medieval: If u don't want to increase the drop rate of recipe and rune for our class (like assassin) atleast let us selling in mp again but still ban trade. And give a tax for every successful trade (like 10%).

23-05-28 14:06
colok: increase Drop rate of Recipe, item,Rune and etc for the class we use.

Last round i even can't find single recipe Soldier justice and Recipe Moon quiver.
23-05-28 04:43
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