[Gaia PvP #99] The 11th Zodiac - Sagittarius!
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zarana: Not getting class weapon rec, not even a mystok rec drop 😂
Quest offering balance, pluck eye stuff, that is not worth it. 🤢
23-11-21 06:01
shadow-: Love this round, dont listen to the alts hating 😁
23-11-14 18:45
melheis_bogor: Request for return sort teleport by name, teleport becomes confused since sort by level sir
23-11-13 13:21
elric_melvinger: I surrendered myself because I felt guilty towards the game... that's why I demanded that I be punished... even though it resulted in me retiring... it doesn't matter if you don't punish other people... the point is, I'm here to admit I'm guilty
23-11-13 11:01
only_daddy: Great round..... I cannot wait for the CENTURY PVP (100 ) :)
23-11-12 19:31
perception: Level 80-100 you wont be able to finish celestial quest because theres no archer boss mob that drops quest items. Nice twist!
23-11-11 20:25
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