[Gaia PvP #99] The 11th Zodiac - Sagittarius!
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a-zazel: most hated round
23-11-11 16:04
han_cho_an: I hate this round
23-11-10 21:14
cael: High level map quest drop is better than boss drop. Rip to all players with turtlenet. -facepalm-
23-11-08 22:39
goldenbrown: quest hard lots of player maybe all bow mobs have drop if can
23-11-08 03:17
-valak-: Bad dungeon
23-11-07 20:28
-bryson-g-: After the zodiacs... Can you revert bd back to normal? Or maybe make the quests easier? Closed mp and harder quests is like hell for f2p... Also burns creds like a lot...
23-11-01 01:19
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