[Gaia PvP #99] The 11th Zodiac - Sagittarius!
-timeless-: So, mp is closed again because of bots and auto clicking users. Yet people like kazz_madagaskar who admitted in chat to using auto clicker his Royal round is still not suspended. I saw him teaching people in General Chat how to get auto clicker. He was talking to my diablo at the time. I , also, saw treasure and criticalblow using auto clicker/bots at last pvp. And, reported it. Those chrs are not banned and treasure made a Royal Diablo for a suspended player, amir ie

You're not suspending cheaters. You are punishing the blackdragon community by not having open mp and trade. There are people
who rely on being able to sell items at mp in order to play the game. And, now low experience and yet increasing pvp damage by 10% . This is in spite the fact that cheaters makes chrs for all ranks to hunt and attack players to discourage players from leveling.

I think you need to rethink your decisions, dreamer.

Please bring back trade. People can still trade in castles because of drops. If someone can use publishing to hack a chr they can do castle trades. Bring back mp at pvp too. And bring back drops from pvp and get rid of stealing experience. Stop punishment of blackdragon community because some people cheat. Take time to research then punish wrong doer. You can always make a update forum to let people post their grievances. That would drastically reduce your emails and pms. Plus, people would feel heard. These take aways you're doing is killing the game.
23-10-31 22:12
uoti: I am happy with Dungeon back but here is what i do not like
1. EXP too low....put a MAX level lock instead.
2. Gold too low....lock Gold Money if there is hoarding of Gold like MAX Cap of gold.
3. Celestial King Quest is a nightmare ...remove it
Always think about slow internet users when making changes
All the old players enjoy hoarding so stopping their hoarding ways of trades and Vault is good. Stop Hoarding because that is also abuse of the game. No more Vault or trades with No MarketPlace.
23-10-31 17:53
shark_frenzy: Pvp is fine but
Importantly plz
Bring back trade on g1 sir ty
23-10-31 15:01
wit: Goodluck e1 no mp im not gonna play 🤦
23-10-30 21:52
nekron: Please bring back G1 trade, removing it is useless anyways. People can still trade inside castles via manipulated pvps.
23-10-30 10:13
ankha_sword: Where's the fun on these updates? And what about the shameless scammers and botters? What happened man?
23-10-29 17:22
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