[Gaia PvP #93] Round Is OVER!
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czafe: I noticed that there's no lvl 100 quiver in library, the 1 listed says lvl 100 ENDLESS QUIVER but the truth is, it's for lvl 140... Can u make a lvl 100 quiver?
23-05-21 17:15
ren_voza: 2 pvp rounds per month, 14 days each. Increase drop rate of charms and recs significantly cause its really hard to get the recs needed for the individual class without mp. Nerf hunt mob- its still pretty op. Remove armour runes, it's totally useless at high level or add some extra stats to it. It might have some decent use then.

Fix assassin class if possible, crit rate too low and too many miss.

Rapid rounds every once in awhile would be fun. Waiting 10 days or so after every gpvp can get boring for old players.

For gaia, respawn random dragon mob in a random land with extended hp. Dragon mob drops dragon ms upon death. Will make it more competitive and motivate players to upgrade their main.

Thank you
23-05-21 14:36
chaser: Add global storage search feature in credits section that lists all the City/Town where you can find the item you are searching.

Enable also vault sharing feature since its very hard to transfer items one by one.
23-05-21 05:09
godreturns: Good round keep it as it is
23-05-20 05:13
_fizzarolli_: Make something else to do. Going to spend 10 days doing nothing again-sad-
Like maybe making the clan jobs, quests, tasks, etc harder.
23-05-20 03:41
shai_lioness: Was great round. Just proposing a better drop rate for charms and recipes. As well as removing crap jewels and recipes on quests reward. Better if its decent or better recipes much needed by most players as rings and amu recs.
23-05-19 23:27
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